Friday, 29 January 2016

An Indian Matrimony website with source code in ASP.NET Web Pages

Today, I am sharing a website that I have developed to teach myself website development. It is a basic version of a typical Indian Matrimony website that allows users to register themselves, post their profiles and search for a suitable partner.

The website is complete as all the bare minimum features have been implemented. The website enables quick and advanced partner search as well as a search by Profile Id. The user can register with the site and create his/her profile; he/she can also upload up to 3 photos. The registration is not required to perform a partner search. Although, it is required to send a message to a user.

The facility to send a message to a user is not yet implemented. It is a critical feature as the website doesn't disclose the contact details of its users; so, in the absence of this feature, an interested person has no means to contact a profile owner. This facility (and some other facilities like blocking a message from a user, pagination of partner search results etc.) may be make available in a future release of the website.

The website has been developed in ASP.NET Web Pages 3 framework using Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. The data store is SQL Server 2012. The server side language is C#.

No third party library or framework has been used either on the client side or the server side. It is all native, pure and standards-complaint HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the client side. The website supports modern browsers only (A modern browser usually means a browser that has been released not more than 2 years back). I have tested the application in the latest version of Chrome for Windows (version 48), but it should work in all capable modern browsers as no Chrome-specific property, feature or method has been used.

This source code could be a great learning resource for a person looking to learn website programming as it tries to make maximum use of the modern APIs like Constraint Validation API, asynchronous file upload through AJAX, displaying file upload progress through a Progress Bar etc. Best of all, it is all done through natively-available features. So, one is not burdened with the necessity to learn 3rd party libraries.

Website source code  |  Screenshots

Hope, you find this project useful. Please feel free to provide your feedback through the comments section.

Thanks for reading this post :-)


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